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Msnstrip.com It sounds like youre in pretty good shape. The good thing is there isnt a question on the test that says How much experience do you have You can ace the test by preparing for it.The questions about whats the most suspicious thing in a scenario may be the ones where experience helps the most but theyre totally answerable by studying. You know how common money laundering schemes work flip that and think about what you would be looking for if you were behind the desk for each of those. In your head you need a hierarchy of suspicious things to look for so you should spend time thinking about whats most to least suspicious.Another important thing to do with the practice exam is to go back and look at the style of questions that threw you off so you can be prepared to answer that style of question on the exam the practice exam gives you a glimpse at both the style and content of the real test. Following AML news is a good way to keep your mind on the subject even when youre not studying.shareJust wanted to provide an update to anyone who is planning to take the CAMS exam. I took and passed the exam yesterday robot did a great job explaining the exam process but Ill fill it in with some additional advice.The first thing I did while studying was watch the first chapters lecture. Then I read the entire chapter. Then I watched the lecture again to

-ehubcam.com OK so ACAMS The Association of Certified AntiMoney Laundering Specialists provides a Detailed Content Outline in their Candidates Handbook but it ends there. No explanation of what those five pages mean which leaves many people to pass over some of the most significant insight they can gain into the exam itself. So lets take a look at what it all means.CategoriesFirst off the outline itself is the document used when we were writing new questions for the exam pool on July 29 2010 the outline shown in the Handbook still was effective January 10 2007. Each of us would be assigned particular boxes say I.B.1.c. Application. This would mean that the person had to write an Application question aboutI Risks and Methods of Money Laundering and Terrorism FinancingB Recognition of Risks1 Recognize risks associated withc other known methods e.g. FATF Typologies FIU SAR reviews Egmont Groups showcasesOpen cells represent categories and cognitive levels more on these shortly that could appear on the exam. Shaded cells represent categories and cognitive levels that will not appear on the exam. Therefore one can look at this outline and see the following percentage breakdown should occu

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Eraporn.com First let me state that the organization ACAMS does not endorse or approve any exam prep materials that are not their own probably protecting their own bottom line. I understand and as an active member of ACAMS support their position. HoweverYears ago as I was studying for the exam myself I found the official preparatory materials insufficient so I started designing my own. At the time I was an employee of KeyBank. Key made a strong effort to get nearly everyone involved in the AML department certified and within 12 months we had over 75 people pass the exam and had the 3rd most CAMS certified people of any bank in the world.I shared my materials with others and became the trainer for internal exam prep courses. I made flashcards for myself and designed a fulllength practice test for others being a Certified Public Accountant I am fully aware of how difficult a professional certification exam can be. I felt it was an important step to prepare my students for both the physical and mental rigors such a test can pose.I became active within ACAMS especially in the area of education. I was on the Task Force that wrote new questions for the actual exam so I have developed a strong insight into the type and construction of the test questions. That being said I do not have access to the actual exam questions and I do not ever reference the questions that I submitted for the exam then.After leaving KeyBank I wrote a new practice test now 120 questions.

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